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What is Innovate Wealth?

How are we different? We can better serve our clients by alleviating common issues of the financial services industry:

  • We are fiduciaries. That means we are required to make decisions and use products that are always in your best interest.

  • We handle every client individually, so you will never feel like you are ‘just a number!’

  • We refuse to sell products or take commissions, eliminating any conflict of interest with clients.

  • We are fee-only – your charges are easy to understand and cheaper than the ‘Big Banks.’

  • We don’t have investment restrictions or penalize you if you don’t have ‘enough’ money.

  • We focus on the people side of the business (you) and not the product side.

Plato said necessity is the mother of invention… We felt the only way to solve these problems was to create a firm based on fixing them.
Innovate Wealth puts the focus back where it should be. You!

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Tailored to You

From the start of our relationship, you’ll notice we cater our services to your needs. We set goals based on your life. There’s no guy screaming to buy or sell, just an objective, unemotional view of your financial world, good or bad. We organize so your financial plan fits on one page. Wouldn’t it be nice to get everything down to one page? We’ll show you how!


Everyone has a different relationship with money, all based on your individual values. We help you discover what those are and manage your money accordingly.


We created Innovate Wealth to serve everyone, regardless of their circumstance. We guarantee two things:  we’re cheaper than your existing advisor, and we have the flexibility to fit your situation.

The Latest Technology

Innovate Wealth uses the latest technology to make your life easier!  We’ve eliminated as much paperwork as possible and created a cloud-based platform to interact securely with our clients. Check out some of our partners:

Want to see how we’ve invested in the newest technology? Click below to start utilizing our free services!


What’s My (Most) FAQ?

What’s My (Most) FAQ?

I was recently asked, “what’s the definitive answer to the question you’re asked the most?”Wow.  A flurry of boring finance darted across my brain...what do I hear the most?  I came up with:  “Am I going to make it?”The Wall Street mega media machine is...

Free Money in a Data Breach world…

Free Money in a Data Breach world…

I returned recently from weeks of travel to find not one but two 'data breach' letters in my mail.  Someone had hacked my personal details from a random server(s).  This type of incident is no longer an exception; it's the norm.  The more data are stored...

Q1 Market Review

Q1 Market Review

After a tumultuous 4th quarter that saw a nearly 20% drop in the equity markets by Christmas Eve, a funny thing happened in Q1. Boredom. The CBOE Volatility Index (the ‘VIX’) is a measure of volatility, but it’s also known as the market’s ‘fear gauge’ -...


Why should I care about Fiduciary management?

Most people working in the financial industry are not fiduciaries. By definition, that means they are not required to do what’s in your best interest. Don’t you want to work with an advisor that is required to work in your best interest? Innovate Wealth has chosen to operate as a true fiduciary, which means we are legally bound to make decisions in your best interest.

I don't have a lot of money to invest, can I still be a client?

We don’t have investment minimums. Investments are just a piece of your overall financial picture. We set a minimum fee for all clients to ensure everyone receives the same dedicated, quality service. We also provide hourly options in cases where clients just want to ask a few questions.

What can I expect if I work with you?

Before we discuss investments or plans, we will spend time organizing your financial life and studying your needs and values. Only then can we align your investments and assets so they are maximized for your needs. We use the most modern and flexible technology to create a customized, online, interactive experience for every client.

What does fee-only mean?

It means the only way Innovate Wealth makes money is through a fee that we negotiate with you ahead of time. We do not sell products and do not accept commissions of any kind. Big banks and Wall Street financial advisors make money in many ways. They may charge you a fee, but they may also receive commissions on products they sell you, a percentage of mutual funds they buy for you, and other fees that you may not even know about. By being fee-only, we eliminate any conflicts of interest that commissions may present.

How do I know my money is safe?

Innovate Wealth will never take custody of your money. If we are managing your investments, your money will always be placed with a qualified custodian.

Where are you located?

We work with clients in 14 different states. As long as you are comfortable working virtually using the technology we provide, we’ll work with you anywhere and will likely have other clients nearby.

Our services are tailored to your needs! If your question hasn’t been answered, ask it here and we’ll email you a personalized response!

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